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Teacher Appreciation Day

Working with the teachers and staff in my district has been truly a great experience. There are so many learning opportunities that I have been able to be a part of and I appreciate all our teacher’s do for our students! They rock! Read more…

Technology Plan: Letter from the Director

Below is an introduction (draft) included in the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District’s, “Strategic Technology Plan: Planning to Enable Digital Learning.”

In the hands of students and teachers, technology is powerful. When in support of a rigorous curriculum, technology can transform learning. Integrating educational technology into our classrooms and lessons is important in providing a quality education. It is the mission of the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District (District) to prepare students for a 21st century, global economy. This mission must be threaded throughout the fabric of our schools and developed as a literacy that all students must acquire. Read more…

Working with the Groton Council on Aging

For the past two years, I have been fortunate to make a connection with the Council on Aging, providing some technology assistance for residents of Groton. Along with our district’s systems administrator, we had a small video highlight of one of our sessions featured on, “Senior Center Spotlight.” One of my favorite aspects of the video is at the end of the segment, a quick clip shows two people working together to solve a technology question. Just love seeing the trainers out of the way and two folks working together to solve a problem. Our portion of the show begins around 19:15. Read more…

Groton-Dunstable: End of Year Town Report 2

Over the past year, the educational technology department spearheaded improvements across the district aimed at enhancing communications, data management and continued support of the district’s technology infrastructure.

With feedback from parents and staff, the technology department developed a capable website, which along with our television show “Back to School,” acts as a showcase of the amazing things taking place within the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District. In addition, the technology department developed a custom, online platform to showcase student work through a customized, digital portfolio tool, which is available for all students. Read more…

First Attempt In Learning: FAIL

When did taking a risk or even failing become such a horrible thing at school? As educators, why do we not provide ample chances at “safe risks” for students to tackle, in the friendly confines of a school environment? I liken this opportunity to driver’s education, where taking risks, under the guidance of a trained instructor, is the exact time to test one’s skills and if need be, fail.

The excitement and passion of learning and growing lies on these fringes, which just happen to be when we are pushed toward failing, not feeling comfortable and content. We want to push and guide our students past these boundaries.