With excitement (and a few nerves), the digital portfolios are ready to go at my school district! A great deal of thought and energy has gone into the design and creation of a WordPress digital portfolio template, which will be available to every student, K-12.

In addition to looking very polished and professional, the digital portfolio system will offer each student the ability to create, reflect and be active in their learning.

A major goal is to attract an authentic audience for their efforts, empowering students to connect with peers, schools, teachers and with their world. Their digital portfolio will capture academic growth and also ignite a flame that the world is a potential audience, not just their teacher.

This initiative will showcase collective growth, provide a level of respect for teacher and student efforts and cement us as a forward thinking, learning organization.

In the near future, a main page will be created at portfolio.gdrsd.org, which will aggregate all of the student work into a single location, much like a news feed. The entire community will be able to visit portfolio.gdrsd.org and see first hand the wonderful happenings in our schools by our teachers and students!

Here is my sample portfolio and the capabilities available using this WordPress based, digital portfolio.