The Curriculum and Instructional Technology program adopted the Massachusetts Department of Secondary and Elementary Education Professional Standards as required skills all teachers must demonstrate. Below are a listing of the activities, which includes corresponding standard(s) at the bottom of the page, that were met as a part of my field experience in the program. In addition to the field experience page, I’ve also created a digital portfolio page, which further highlights my subject matter knowledge.

I believe that technology has the power to enhance learning, which in turn allows students to engage with the curriculum at a deeper level of understanding and interest. With many of the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks either requiring or supporting use of technology, there must be ample support for our teachers, through effective professional development and consistent, quality teaching support, to harness this power. Going a step further, one of my professional goals is to always foster a strong professional learning network for teachers, across the entire district, on the benefits of integrating technology into their lessons.

My Field Experience Grid

Activity Explanation Date Hours
Solar System WebQuest Designed a webquest as culmination activity in the fifth grade. While researching, students’ applied oral and writing skills using persuasion, design and journalistic skills. Learn more… 1,2,C,E June, 2012 6+
Vowel Sounds with Apps Selected a pair Apple iPad apps during literacy block. Each app has a unique way of helping students improve and support literacy skills. Learn more… 1,2,C October, 2012 2
Parent Technology Night Workshops Presented to our parent community, three workshops touching on iPad use and apps, video and animation creation and introduced the collaborative VoiceThread software Learn more… 5,A,D January, 2013 4
Student iPad Authors Using iPads and Book Creator, kindergartners created a classroom ePub book and became published authors! Students continued writing in their daily journals. Learn more… 2,4,B,F January, 2013 7
Compare, Contrast Cells Using netbooks and online resources, created lesson on researching types of cells and the function of different parts of a cell. Learn more… 1,2,F February, 2013 3
Human Body Presentation First graders created Google Presentations using iPads and the Penultimate app. Students created their very own presentation and learned a great deal on the many systems of the body. Learn more… 4,B,F March, 2013 8
Project Based Lesson Created a project based lesson on Immigration for fourth grade students using available technology. Created a rubric and shared assessment feedback with students. Learn more… 1,2,3,B,C,F April, 2013 8
Blogging for an Audience Students were introduced to blogging on iPads. Students’ are using a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing with guidance and support, with continued feedback on posts. Learn More… 1,2,4,B,C May, 2013 (Ongoing) 10+
Sight Word Safari A simple technology infused lesson encouraging teachers to become comfortable with the iPad for future, deeper endeavors. First graders quickly developed impressive iPad skills. Learn More… 1,2,3,4,B May, 2013 5
Professional Development Presented importance of creating a professional learning network to all staff, sharing importance of collaborating and learning together, 24×7 on Twitter or in other community learning areas. 5,D,F May, 2013 (Ongoing) 4+
Graphing Collected Data Over three days, worked with students using iPads (along with Google Docs) to collect, analyze and respond to data. Worked on measurement and data lesson using math vocabulary Learn More… 1,2,B June, 2013 4
Professional Development Introduced and shared educational ideas focused on the use of Prezi’s in the classroom as an alternative presentation tool. 5,D,F August, 2013 3
Professional Development Provided teacher-driven approach to student blogging using available resources in the classroom, promoting school goals to improve reading and writing. 5,F August, 2013 3
Hour of Code Challenge Using Google Chromebooks and computer science materials provided by, students dove head first into the nationwide “Hour of Code” challenge Learn More… 2,4,B,E December, 2013 2
Create Journals Using iPads Worked with students introducing a digital journal to be used until the end of the year Learn More… 1,3,B,E December, 2013 1
Professional Development Offered workshops, diving deeper into integrating Google App resources into our curriculum for assessment and data collection, modeling their use Learn More… 5,D December, 2013 5
Google Apps Ninja Program An online course, diving deeper into Google Apps for Education. Students progress through materials, complete quizzes and receive support along the way Learn More… 4,A,C,E January, 2014 10+
PARCC Math Preparation As PARCC district testing coordinator, led multiple training sessions for staff. Visited classrooms to review digital resources, sample questions and created digital math assessment. 1,3,5,B February, 2014 5
Digital Content with Aurasma Using an augmented reality iPad app called Aurasma, students discovered interactive digital content for a continent lesson. Learn More… 1,3,B May, 2014 3
Becoming Bridge Engineers Using iPad app, students solved design flaws and built their own bridges prior to testing their very own physically constructed, bridges. Learn More… 3,B May, 2014 1
Social Media Presentation With all district administrators present, provided an in-depth look at various social media available to better promote the district for the upcoming year. 5,D,E,F August, 2014 2
Hour of Code Planning, Teaching Through planning and by teaching of various coding software across the district (PreK-12), the Hour of Code, which took place during Computer Science Education Week, was a success!
Learn More… 1,3,A,E
December, 2014 10
Multi-Part Series Over three sessions, provided 10-hours of instruction in Technology in the Arts for teachers across the district. All were introduced to various opportunities to infuse technology in a hand-on, collaborative environment with their peers. 2,5,D,F October, 2014 (Ongoing) 10
Development of District Budget, Inventory Groton-Dunstable had a major influx of educational technology, which required an updated budgeting plan to continue to support seamless, day-to-day technology integration by both staff and students. Learn More… 5,F January, 2015 10+
PARCC Preparation Worked with elementary students on PARCC computer based testing, showcasing the necessary skills students will need as well as supporting teachers in the process. Learn More… 3,C February, 2015 (Ongoing) 10+
Digital Portfolio Implementation Seventh graders worked on the setup of their newly created digital portfolio site, also bringing in a new piece of work to the portfolio to be showcased outside the classroom walls to the world. 3,A,B April, 2015 2
Digital Portfolio Implementation Third graders worked on the setup of their newly created digital portfolio site, also bringing in a new piece of work to the portfolio to be showcased outside the classroom walls to the world. Learn More… 3,B,E May, 2015 10+
Total 148

Standards for CIT Program

MA Professional Standards for Teachers
1. Plans Curriculum and Instruction
2. Delivers Effective Instruction
3. Manages Classroom Climate and Operation
4. Promotes Equity
5. Meets Professional Responsibilities

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ISTE Standards: Coaches
A. Visionary leadership
B. Teaching, learning, and assessments
C. Digital age learning environments
D. Professional development & program evaluation
E. Digital citizenship
F. Content knowledge and professional growth

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