In honor of teacher appreciation day, I want to share just one of the many teachers that made a lasting impact on my life. In sixth grade at the Miriam F. McCarthy Elementary School in Framingham, Massachusetts, I had the privilege of learning under a wonderful English language arts teacher named Mr. Hogan. He was very kind, gentle and got the best out of me. Material was presented in a way that I can remember vivid details of lessons, even at 35-years of age. Mr. Hogan had an easy-going demeanor that allowed me to flourish. I remember receiving an “A” for the final term in 1992. 

The time in his class stands out as one of my most memorable, not necessarily because of the “A”, but because of all of the memories and lessons that went into that grade. I was coached and supported by a great teacher and it felt like a joint grade we both worked hard to achieve.

I had a few times to present in his class that year, to my peers, which can be difficult. One of those times was on baseball statistics. I can recall his support prior and during the presentation and his support got me through those nerves. He also required his students to learn and recite a poem as a project. I chose the famous Robert Frost poem titled, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and years later can still recite this and can remember discussing its meaning.

My senior year in high school, Mr. Hogan unexpectedly passed away and I can remember a great sadness I had for such a wonderful man and teacher. There was a special senior year scholarship in his honor that I was awarded and it still remains a cherished recognition. We all have teacher’s that made a difference, Mr. Hogan was my #1.